Let me ask you an important question:

If your perfect client reached out right now, would you know what to say to take them from “hi” to “what’s your credit card number?”

And do it without being spammy... Without being sleezy... And without being salesy?
Now that you’re equipped with News Feed Authority... 

It’s inevitable you’ll soon be having a lot more messenger conversations and phone calls with potential clients...

So - how well equipped are you to handle those conversations?

Hopefully more than I was...
See, when I first started as a freelancer, I had no clue what I was doing. I literally could not figure out the sales conversation. It took me a long time to where I even got good enough to make money.
Like most people who come into our programs - to me, “sales” was a dirty word. 

Thanks to organic, I had finally figured out how to get some people on the phone...

But now, I had absolutely

NO IDEA what to do with them.

I’m not even kidding…

One of the first clients that I got to buy was a sales professional. He found me thanks to one of my organic posts and we got on the phone.

I finally got him to the point that he was ready to buy... and the conversation went a little like this...


“Yeah, this sounds great, let’s do it…”


“Uh, cool. I’ll get back to you.” (because I had no idea how to take his money)


(pause) "... This is your first sales call, isn't it?"


“Uh... I mean... it's one... of my first..."


"Well, do you know how to get my money?"


“Yeah, I'll send you an invoice...?"


"No. I mean, do you know how to get my money right now?"
He had to walk me through exactly how to take his credit card information on the phone and close.

Talk about embarrassing. I got off that call and crawled right into bed.

And while it was painful, it was also a blessing because it started me down a path to mastery.

Over time I ended up paying tens of thousands of dollars to different people to learn how different people sold things. The different sales strategies out there. The different scripts out there...

And... to top it all off...

I went and did over TWO THOUSAND sales calls...

Sounds crazy, right?

But it more than paid off.

Because over that time, not only did I master the skill of closing high-ticket clients... 

I became exceptional at transferring this vital skillset to OTHER people. I’ve taught this system to countless clients...
It allowed me to build a sales team…

I even have a separate business called SalesMentor. And in partnership with Eli Wilde, Tony Robbins’ top closer for over a decade… We equip hundreds of people with these same skills each and every month.
I’ve seen pretty much everything out there and I believe 100% this is the best in the world for being able to handle yourself on the phone without being sleezy or salesy…
While enrolling as many clients as you choose...

And while still maintaining a very good reputation of trust and integrity in your marketplace.

Because this system is not about manipulation...

...At this point, we’re widely known and respected for telling people exactly like it is. No shady tactics. No sleight of mouth. No manipulation. To me, sales should be all about integrity and helping them make the right decision for them.

This system is not about being pushy...

...If you’ve ever been on the phone with us before, you’ll know it’s the opposite. We’re all about being “appropriate” in the moment. Giving someone the option to decide whether something is good for them or not… while exercising the “moral authority” to keep them from harmful thinking and decision.

This system is not about taking from people...

...It’s about serving. It’s about giving them hope and the real opportunity to say… “Okay, I’m gonna put some skin in the game so I can win.”


When you get good at sales, you’re getting good at leadership. You’re leading someone to make a decision that will empower them to get results in this area of their life.

But this isn’t like other sales and closing material you’ve seen before.

That’s because, when it comes down to it, most sales training in the marketplace are teaching you objection handling, tactics, etc…

And the truth is:

That doesn’t really work. Because there isn’t a linear way to go about this.
Sales is NON-LINEAR. 

It’s not binary. It’s not like a “do this, and then this will happen” process. It’s more sophisticated than that.

It's more about keeping someone

In the "Buying Zone"...

... and what to do when they slip out of it.

The goal is to get them into the “buying zone” and keep them there. Guiding them to the point where they…
  • Trust you
  • Trust in your process
  • Believe in themselves and their ability to implement the process
So while we’ll still arm you with the tactics and scripts...

It’s more about having a set of rules that govern the outcome. And I’d like to teach it to you... 

So with all that in mind, I’ve put together something special for you today…

I call it...

Convo. Call. Close.

Inside, I show you how to smoothly handle everything from the moment a new prospect reaches out to you. Exactly how to go from the start of a conversation in Messenger… to the moment they give you their credit card details at the end of the call.

That way you can start closing like these rockstar clients of ours...


All about the Pre-Call Conversation...

Everything from the moment someone drops into your DMs... to the moment you get on the phone together. 
This is equally as important as everything that happens on the call. Because the way you frame everything up front has a tremendous impact on how smoothly the call goes.
You’ll discover the “S.P.I.N” Messenger Framework. This gives you a flexible framework for “what to say” in a pre-call conversation to naturally lead your prospect from text conversation to a phone call

I’ll also show you how to use “2D Messaging” to spike curiosity and pain around their problem . This helps build a gap so they’re driven to take positive forward action)

I’m even handing over my “Messenger Enrollments” Swipe File. Inside you’ll find start-to-finish messenger conversations that led to strategy sessions with hot prospects. 

Because sometimes you just need to get a “mental reference point” for how other people are successfully get people primed and pre-framed for a sales call. These examples will equip you to handle a wide range of scenarios that will inevitably show up.


All about the Strategy Session...

The moments from when you pick up the phone to when they gladly give you their credit card details at the end.

You’re getting access to my full REFLEX Selling framework. This is a 3-part video training walking you through each part of my sales process. I’m also including the transcript because you’ll want to reference this a lot.

I’m also going to give you access to my 2 sales scripts -- one ideal for coaches, the other designed for consultants and service providers.
These walk you through each of the 11 phases of a sales conversation with the absolute best chance of closing them as a new client.
And that’s just a taste of what’s inside Convo-Call-Close.

YOU'll also discover...

  • Force or Delay - one of the biggest discoveries of my entire career (ignore at your own risk as this one practically guarantees you’ll breeze past previous sales records with ease)
  • Expect the close? Get to the NO? Forget all that - it’s total B.S. (I’ll show you how to rewire your expectations for enduring success as a closer)
  • How to use “price elasticity” to help someone break through price resistance (it’s not their job to show up with the perfect buying criteria - so it’s up to you to teach them)
  • 4 cues for staying “hot” and keeping your head in the game - even when faced with a string of NOs (the closers who implement all 4 almost never go cold) 
  • A complete walkthrough of the exact script our team uses to close millions in sales each year. With this in your toolkit you’ll enter any sales situation with confidence knowing exactly what to say, what to look for, and how to handle any resistance
  • A counter-intuitive lesson in rapport. Most people butcher their efforts here without ever knowing it (but remedy this one error and you’ll see your close-rate increase fast) 
  • The “Temperature Check” - a crucial part of the sales conversation that helps you gauge how difficult they’ll be to close and what objections are likely to show up (three ways you can approach it based on what best suits the conversation)
  • A simple (yet powerful) question I’ve NEVER seen anyone else use in sales that each of our advisors rely on (you’d be amazed to hear what valuable information pours out of your prospect when you ask them this)
  • The low-key “Disrupt Interrupt” that snaps someone out of “protection mode” and keeps the sales walls down so they can make an empowered decision for their future
  • The Filtration Framework for creating “tension” and protecting your bandwidth so you can spend more time talking to the best prospects… and the best way you can begin practicing this today (works in practically any industry)
  • Control the frame and your odds of influencing someone skyrocket - I don’t think there’s a more powerful lesson I’ve learned in sales than how to do this. (I share the 3 best ways to control the frame and bolster your authority)
  • How to use “intensification” to get “buy in” and earn more and more perceived credibility throughout the call (this also serves as an automatic feedback loop” that allows you to fix whatever you said and have them primed to continue)
  • The 4 “Power Strategies” that separate good closers from the great (#2 is completely counter-intuitive but builds massive trust) 
  • How to use “the mirror” to generate influence and leadership. This held back an otherwise spectacular closer on my team - don’t let it keep you from mastery
  • An instant indicator of a flawed “decision marking criteria”... and my all-time favorite “redefinition” method for helping them correct it (pages 46-47)
  • The “proof of the opposite” mechanization strategy that instills confidence your offer is exactly what someone needs to get unstuck (nail this and the sale is all but guaranteed) - examples included
  • How to ETHICALLY leverage your prospects own “inner turmoil” so they can make the decision to move forward WITHOUT using skeezy tactics, intimidation or external pressure (This is why we don’t need “act now” price discounts to prompt action)
Now, with everything I’m including in Convo-Call-Close, I could easily justify selling it for $1,000 or more. 

And here’s the thing -- I have.
Many people have paid that much to learn the REFLEX Selling material on its own (and that’s not even including the thousands of clients who paid almost 10k).
But since you recently invested in News Feed Authority, I’m going to make you a special offer I’ve never made before.

Today, you won’t have to pay $1,000.

I won’t even ask you to pay half, which would be $500.

Heck, it won’t even cost you $250.

When you claim your copy of Convo-Call-Close today, I’m going to let you do so for a single payment of $147

If this material helps you enroll even one extra client -- and it will -- it’ll more than pay for itself

Which makes is a dead-simple decision when you thinking about it, right?

But listen: this offer is a special one-time-only kind of thing…

The odds of you seeing

Convo-Call-Close EVER again

at this price are slim to none...

In fact, chances are we won’t offer it anywhere else at all.

But we always have customers reach out after skipping an exclusive once-off offer like this to see if they can still get it.

And while I’d love to do that, it wouldn’t be fair on the ones who took advantage when they were originally given the opportunity. So this is legitimately a one-time deal.
So here’s what you need to do now...

You can click the big button at the bottom of this page and grab Convo-Call-Close for the modest price of $147.
This removes all the guesswork about how to handle conversations with potential prospects, what to say, etc.

So that whenever those dream clients show up, you’re fully equipped to enroll them and have them thrilled to work with you.

Everything will be immediately added to your members portal (alongside News Feed Authority…)

So you can take advantage of this system even a couple minutes from now.

Or... if you’re already a pro at pre-framing and enrolling clients for your high-ticket offers, you can say “no thanks” and just continue with your original order of News Feed Authority.

The choice is in your hands.
As always, your order is backed by my LIFETIME 100% money-back guarantee

I’m confident you’ll love Convo-Call-Close, but if for any reason you’re not thrilled…

I insist you create a support ticket or call my support team directly at (615) 953-9536 and we’ll rush to refund every penny.

No questions. No hassles. No hard feelings.

I want to make this an easy choice for you. 

After all, I know just how incredible it is to start closing 2x, 3x, even 10x as many calls as before. 

My revenue per hour went from under $100/hr to over $2,000/hr when I got good at selling. And it gave me this realization that money, or the lack thereof, would never bother me again.
Hopefully by now you understand the importance of making the most of every sales conversation. The better equipped you are, the better your odds of closing the most incredible clients…

While keeping you protected from common mistakes that will otherwise cost you clients.  

So here’s all you need to do now.
Go ahead and click the big button below that says “Yes! Upgrade My Order.”
You’ll receive an email with access to everything I spoke about above…
  • The SPIN Framework training
  • The “Messenger Enrollments” Swipe File
  • The full 3-part REFLEX Selling System training
  • The REFLEX Transcript
  • ​The Coach Sales Script
  • The Consultant / Service Provider Sales Script
Remember, you’re covered by my guarantee for life and you’ll never see this available again at such a low price.

See you inside,