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Use Our Profit-Proven, 5-Pillar System - Validated by 1,982 Businesses in 79 Different Industries to Achieve Your $10,000/month Business in the next 10 Weeks...

... (even if you're starting from scratch)...
This is ClientKit - for 80% OFF
For only the second time in Traffic and Funnels history, we are pulling back the curtain to let you in on the trainings that have helped thousands of coaches, consultants, and agency owners transform their businesses into profit powerhouses.

You'll get exclusive access to the exact same trainings that our high-ticket clients pay tens of thousands of dollars for... but you get it for 80% off.
Here Are Some of Our ClientKit Success Stories...

People who followed our 5-Pillar System and got real results.

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Aleric H. - YouTube Ad Outreach
Ryan S. - Facebook Advertising Strategist
Tasha B. - Fertility Coach & Patient Advocate
Bryan O - Digital Marketing Consultant for Agencies
Jim F. - Digital Marketing Consultant
Kevin M - Photographer Coach
Megan K - DFY Hiring
Jack B. - Webinar Funnel Copy Specialist
The Key is Our 5-Pillar, High-Ticket Consulting System

(Previously reserved for our 1-to-1 Clientkit clients...)


Pillar #1 - Packaging Your Expertise (Ideation)

  • Nailing the Fundamentals - Drilling down to Who you want to serve, What you want to do for them, and How you will fulfill on it. 
  • ​How to become valued as the only viable solution for your perfect client’s most painful problem
  • ​5 common marketing pitfalls that cause you to unknowingly project out to your market, “I’m only 20% certain that I can get you this result, so invest at your own risk!”... and how to avoid them 
  • ​Two fool-proof packaging elements that automatically boost the perception of your value in the marketplace 
  • ​How to build a clear and concise high-ticket package that allows you to 10x your pricing, without adding more work

Pillar #2 - Your Perfect Audience & Offer

  • How to avoid being seen as a COMMODITY and “like everyone else”. Learn how to set your own prices, define your own value, and NEVER be compared or price-shopped again. 
  • ​The “hidden mechanics” of the human brain that allow you to prompt people’s natural “cost biases”, helping them see how it’s in their best interest to buy from you.
  • ​How a proper “Offer Ascension” works and how it sets you up to SERVE your clients with maximum impact – and maximum profit (everyone wins). 
  • ​The Power of Positioning - There are only a handful of psychological factors that come into play when a prospect is about to buy – You’ll discover exactly which ones and how to trigger them. 
  • ​The “4 Levels of Service” and how to pick the RIGHT ONE for you. Each Level has pros and cons. Level 4 is the most profitable with the least amount of labor.

Pillar #3 - Creating Opportunity

  • The 9 pitfalls that commonly keep entrepreneurs from enjoying a constant stream of “new opportunity” 
  • ​How to use organic as a “validation tool” BEFORE wasting 50+ hours on a webinar or a few grand on ads (this removes practically all the time-wasting, frustration and guesswork)
  • ​How to speak the language of your market in a way that breeds trust and gets them paying attention to you 
  • ​The “Organic Roadmap” that took us 4 years to develop - you’ll never again find yourself wondering “what should I write” or “what content should I create today” 
  • ​How to establish yourself as an authority and get more conversations and strategy sessions with hot leads

Pillar #4 - Conversations to Clients

  • A complete walkthrough of the exact script our team uses to close millions in sales each year. Enter any sales situation with confidence knowing exactly what to say, what to look for, and how to handle any resistance. 
  • ​How to use “price elasticity” to help someone break through price resistance.
  • ​The truth about building rapport - Most people butcher their efforts here without ever knowing it (but remedy this one error and you’ll see your close-rate increase fast). 
  • ​The Filtration Framework for creating “tension” and protecting your bandwidth so you can spend more time talking to the best prospects. 
  • ​How to ethically leverage your prospects own “inner turmoil” so they can make the decision to move forward WITHOUT using skeezy tactics, intimidation or external pressure.

Pillar #5 - Scaling with Paid

  • The super simple method for spinning up Hyper Organic Ads in only 2-3 minutes - plus, our top back-end "hacks" for maximum reach and results. 
  • A complete breakdown of successful lead magnets and landers - learn what works, what doesn’t, and WHY.
  • ​How to identify and LEVERAGE the “Awareness” and “Sophistication” of your prospects, so you can meet them where they’re at and instantly earn their trust. 
  • ​The “3 Questions” you MUST answer, to know exactly how to connect with and motivate people to take action and hire you. 
  • ​The 2 vital factors that determine your success getting high-ticket clients from paid — if you’re missing either, you’re sunk — but with them, there’s no limit to your growth.

Questions You May Have...

Why Is This $2,000 If You Typically Charge $9,800+?

The ClientKit Fast-Track is a self-paced version of our program that does not include the 1-on-1 coaching, support, and community that we make available to our $9,800+ clients. The training and teaching on offer here is for people who want to dive in, start taking action and start getting results at their own pace!

Do You Have A Payment Plan?

No. This is our flagship program, that we sell every day for $9,800+. If you're not willing to make a $2,000 investment in yourself and your business (that is PROVEN to unlock unbelievable growth and opportunity) then this is NOT the program for you.

What if I need more 1-on-1 help?

We do offer 1-on-1 coaching, support, and customized game plans for your business, but only for those who are willing to invest the full $9,800 to go ALL IN. If you get to the end of this program and you feel you are ready for access to the additional coaching, community and specialized support, our team will use your $2,000 investment today as your deposit and upgrade you on the spot!

What If I'm An Affiliate Marketer, Ecom Store Owner, MLM'er...etc?

This is... NOT for you. But if you're a coach, consultant, agency owner, freelancer... hell, just a business owner with an expertise that could actually help someone... then you NEED what we're offering here. Don't hesitate!

What if I don't have a business?

Are you an expert?
YES: Buy this program!
NO: Don't buy.

How is this different from other programs?

There is 0 bloat here.
You're not going to be stuck watching 400 hours of training with no action steps. This training is geared towards getting you results in your business and your life - quickly.

I don't have time...

See our answer to the last question above...
You don't have time... or you aren't willing to invest into yourself? Think hard here.

What about bots, AI, Youtube, Tiktok... blah blah blah?

What about them? Do you want real results inside of 10 weeks? Or do you want more shiny objects to chase? The choice is yours.
Need help or have more questions? Contact us at:
(615) 953-9536 or Create a Support Ticket
Your Results are Guaranteed...
We are almost absurdly confident in the results this program can help you achieve. After all, it's already worked for over a thousand other business owners in 70+ different industries. So, allow us to make you a simple promise. Take these actions today:
  • Buy the program.
  • Consume the training.
  • Implement the 5-Pillar System.
If you haven't ROI'd in the first 10 weeks, we'll happily refund every penny. Period. End of discussion.
If You're Ready To Achieve A $10,000/Month Business...
Claim Your Fast-Track NOW!
  • Pillar #1: Packaging Your Expertise (Ideation)
  • Pillar #2: Your Perfect Audience & Offer
  • Pillar #3: Creating Opportunity
  • Pillar #4: Conversations To Clients
  • Pillar #5: Scaling With Paid
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